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Välkomna dina spelare med stil

Om skärmarna  Med hjälp av Cleversign kan MATCHi erbjuda racketsportsanläggningar en möjlighet att välkomna spelare och besökare till din anläggning så fort de kliver in genom entrén. Välkomstskärmen placeras vid ingången och ger besökare en snabb överblick över både bokade och

Up your game with a tennis sensor

RACKET SPORTS TECH. There are a number of tennis sensors on the market and though they all have their differences the general idea is the same. By collecting data, the sensors provide players with insights so they can learn, analyze,

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Shaping the racket sports ecosystem through technology

RACKET SPORTS TECH. Facilitating all aspects of the racket sports ecosystem through technology is something that we at MATCHi take pride in doing. Aside from our platform for booking and administration of racket sports venues, we also offer customers a

Ball machine on tennis court

Proton – The game changing ball machine

RACKET SPORTS TECH. The US-based startup Hydrogen Sports has spent the last 4 years developing a modern, lightweight and smart ball machine called Proton. The goal is to start delivering the finished product this summer. At MATCHi, we think this

Hawk-Eye – A Closer look

It is not new that innovations are increasingly helping referees from various sports around the world, and tennis is no different. One of the most know innovations in the game is the almost perfect system to review the judges' calls:

The Current State of Sports Technology

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Techcrunch, the renowned American online tech publisher, conducted a survey with industry experts, called The Current State of Sports Technology.  Through the survey, they unveiled critical information pointing out the areas in which the industry is