Malin sitting in MATCHi's office

Meet our new UX/UI-designer Malin

This is MATCHi. We’re so happy to finally get to welcome Malin to our team of coffee addicts, workout freaks and racket sports fanatics. As she takes on the role as MATCHi’s first ever designated UX/UI-designer, she’ll be the one guiding us all down the tricky path of building a world class racket sports platform characterized by a user-friendly and intuitive design. We sat down and had a chat with her to get to know her a little better as she now embarks on her new journey at MATCHi.


Where it all started

Malin is the Stockholm-born designer who moved to Gothenburg 11 years ago to study. The plan was never to stay on the west coast, but as the city grew on her she started to build herself a new life in Gothenburg. 


When I first started out, UX didn’t even exist as a business concept. After graduation I got a job at Volvo IT and worked with what was then called ‘Usability and requirements’”, Malin says with contagious laughter.


After her time at the automobile giant, she’s worked at companies of all sizes and shapes. Her latest experience from the startup world left her wanting more, something that eventually led her to MATCHi. When asked what it was with MATCHi that enticed her to apply for the position, she leaned forward and said: 


At my previous job, the main focus was always on finding and developing better products and solutions for our customers. You always had this feeling that we had a higher purpose than ‘just heeling products’ at people. The same can be said for MATCHi. When I started to look into the company, I got the feeling that it’s always about helping our customers reach their full potential and make people want to play more – and have fun doing it. It’s a feeling that permeates the whole company and something that’s become even more clear after having gone through my first week at the office”. 


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Intuitive design as a guiding star

Malin’s first mission at MATCHi is to dig deeper into the platform to better understand the information and service hierarchy in order to improve it and make it as intuitive as humanly possible. 


 “In today’s competitive business climate, it’s super important that a product or service is useful. You can’t afford to make any mistakes in that regard. You can have awesome functionalities, but if you don’t understand the underlying need there’s a great risk of doing the wrong things and end up making it less useful for the customer who’s need you’re supposed to meet”, Malin says.


During the interview we also got to talk a bit about what she looks forward to the most, as well as which challenges she thinks she will face in her new role. It’s with great humility she says:   


I really look forward to meeting and talking to customers from all of our different customer segments. I’m especially interested to hear what their pain points are so that we can help them even better than we already do. I hope to be able to elevate the user experience and at the same time make it more visually attractive. We can always do better and improve, and that’s what I hope to contribute to”. 


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“There is a lot of potential here”

According to Malin, when it comes to user experience it’s all about understanding the big picture and finding synergies between different tasks. It’s not the easiest thing to do and she’s convinced that she’ll come across several difficult challenges, but she makes one thing clear: MATCHi’s potential is huge.  


I’m sure we’ll face a lot of challenges along the way, but it’s hard to foresee which ones this early on in the process. However, in general, I think it will be somewhat of a balancing act between satisfying varying needs from different customer segments as well as finding a balance between exploring new technical solutions and adjusting to already existing solutions. But there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of potential here that I can’t wait to explore!”, Malin says.


After a while, it becomes clear that another area of potential is her own racket sports skills. At the end of the interview she confesses that she has a lot to learn.


When it comes to my own experience of playing racket sports, I’m afraid to say that it’s a bit limited”, she says with a smile. She laughs and adds:


I tend to follow some of the bigger tennis tournaments when they’re on but not much more than that. At least not yet. I want to play more racket sports for sure, but I think the biggest issue is the fact that I tend to have a problem with the arm extension that comes with holding a racket. I’m more comfortable with either hold a ball or having it at my feet. But I hope my racket sports future is as bright as MATCHi’s”.


Needless to say, all of your colleagues here at MATCHi love to have you onboard on our expansion journey that’s only just begun.