Interactive table tennis

A digital table tennis trainer like you’ve never seen before

RACKET SPORTS TECH. To be able to play table tennis competitively – with all the different shots, spins, and the insanely fast pace – there are many techniques one has to master to be successful at it. Back in 2016, Interactive Designer Thomas Mayer decided to help people improve their game using technology.

Bringing technology into the game

As his bachelor thesis, Thomas Mayer developed an interactive table tennis software that helps you improve your game. Mayer’s objective was to track the ball in real-time to create data visualization for trainers and players. As time passed, the project evolved and became more complex until the table itself had many different functions, such as tips on how to serve the ball, counter-attack techniques, and mapping the moves of players in the game.

How does it work?

Cameras are placed over the table to track the ball and a projector projects the movements onto the table. Each player has her own dashboard with several different panels where all the information about that player is stored and projected. There you can see your personal high scores and track your own performance and development. To see how it works, check out the video below👇
Photo from Thomas Mayer’s website.

After the game, you get access to all the data which helps you pin-point what you should focus on improving the next time you play.

At MATCHi, we love to see innovations like this! By visualizing your shots, keeping track of performance and learning where you need to improve in order to develop your game you make every practice session count. So, what if you’d like to buy one? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information as to whether or not it’s possible to buy the set up.

If you know how to code, you could always try to build it yourself😉