The Current State of Sports Technology

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Techcrunch, the renowned American online tech publisher, conducted a survey with industry experts, called The Current State of Sports Technology. 

Through the survey, they unveiled critical information pointing out the areas in which the industry is heading in the year to come. In the report, 78% of the respondents considered that from an investment perspective, media and content-related platforms, eSports, and measurement platforms for data, analytics, and biometrics were among the top three areas of interest. 
Techcrunch considers this “a powerful indication of where venture capital funding focus is trending, given that more than 50% of respondents, coming from a wide array of areas in the industry, identified themselves as investors.” 
When asked what’s holding back sports tech adoption, respondents cited three main reasons: unqualified decision-makers, risk aversion, and cost. 

Another finding was that basketball remains at the forefront of innovation to 87% of respondents, closely followed by eSports with 79%.