Table tennis trainer by Thomas Mayer

To be able to play table tennis competitively, with all the different shots, spins, and the distressing fast pace, there are many techniques one has to acquire to be successful at it.

With that in mind, In 2016, a German developer named Thomas Mayer came up with the idea of a smart tennis table that teaches the player what he/she needs to do to improve his/her game.

The project was created as a thesis for Mayer’s graduation. Mayer’s objective was to track the ball in realtime to create data visualisations for trainers and players.
As time passed, the project evolved and became more complex until the table itself had many different functions, such as tips on how to serve the ball, techniques of counter-attack, and mapping the moves of players involved in the game.

Complete data from the games are also provided after the game, which allows players to know what parameters they should improve. But above all, it makes playing table tennis even more fun.