Proton – The high-performance tennis ball machine.

Hydrogen Sports developed one of the coolest technological advances within racket sports. 

About half the size of a standard tennis ball machine and smart controls, the Proton aims – in the words of Hydrogen Sports founder Jonah Harley – “to improve the experience and portability of the tennis ball machine.”

It all started when Harley, a former Apple developer, bought a tennis ball machine to work on his game and was disappointed with how heavy and old fashioned they were. He decided to leverage state of the art technology to deliver what he considers to be the “smartest, smallest, high-performance ball machine on the planet”.  
Probably the most exciting feature is the smartphone interface that allows users to specify the spin, speed, location, and timing of shots.

As Hydrogen Sports puts it, “Simply tap the screen where you want the ball to go, choose a speed and spin, and our proprietary algorithms figure out the rest”.