Three phones lying down showing screens form MATCHi's new app

Say hello to new MATCHi!

Exciting times for MATCHi

To be able to realize a vision is a powerful experience. Last year, we at MATCHi recruited specialized expertise in order to realize our vision of a new and improved app. Which is why we’re now super excited to present the first version of our new app together with our new graphic profile. 

With several new colleagues and customers on board and with a clear plan of where we’re going, we’re now laying the foundations for our future. Our new app marks the beginning of a more proactive MATCHi where user experience is in focus. The launch of a more flexible and accessible app is the first step on this journey. We’ve also created a new graphic profile to make sure that our visual identity evolves as the company does. In other words, we have a lot of exciting news!

For all players – regardless if you’re an Android, iOS or Web user

If you’re already a frequent user of the MATCHi app, you’ll notice a huge difference between the new and the old mobile application – especially when it comes to user experience. The first version of the new app already provides possibilities that the old app didn’t – such as for instance the ability to add a new payment method directly through the app. A major advantage of the new platform is that it creates a flexibility that facilitates further development of the app – regardless if you’re an Android, iOS or Webb user. This makes it easier for us to improve our service on a continuous basis as well as making it easier for even more players to find available times, venues and book courts for their favorite racket sport.

Android and iPhone showing MACTHi's new app

Our new graphic profile – playful, simple and passionate

To improve the user experience, we also needed to update and modernize our visual identity. With that in mind, we created a graphic profile that better represents who we are better – both as individuals and as a company. It also expresses the playfulness and passion that exists within our company and will bring us into the future with flair. Johan Gustafsson, Lead Designer and the MATCHi-star behind the new visual expression, describes the process as follows:

“It doesn’t take long before anyone who steps into MATCHi HQ feel the playfulness and curiosity that is our company culture. Therefore, it felt really important to develop a graphic profile that reflected this feeling better than our visual expression did previously. We’ve focused on creating a more modern feel and above all, creating a better user experience for those who come into contact with our service – no matter how you choose to interact with us.”

With our new app and new graphic profile, we look forward to an exciting spring with several updates and interesting projects coming up. Together, we make it possible for more people to play more and to have a fun everyday life!

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